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Frequency counter with morse output

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    Frequency counter with morse output

    Counter with CW output as the scale for QRP TRX. The heart of the counter is a PIC 12F629 microcontroller and pre-amplifier with BF199. Current consumption of the counter is 3 mA at 3V. Counter have
    two modes. MAN mode (after grounding pin MAN) plays the last two digits of frequency in KHz.
    When is grounded pin AUTO. Counter beeps each time you change the frequency of 1KHz. If
    the frequency is not changed for 2 seconds counter play last two digits of frequency in KHz.

    * Power supply: 2.5 - 5V
    * Current: cca 3mA with 2.5V, 8mA with 5V
    * Range 1-30 MHz

    More info and video: http://blog.ok1cdj.com/2011/08/citac-s-cw-vystupem-jako-stupnice-pro.html
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