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  1. Konektor Mini DIN8
    1.07 €Konektor Mini DIN8Konektor 8 pin. Např. ACC FT-817/857/897
  2. Bluetooth CAT interface for FT-8X7
    21.31 €Bluetooth CAT interface for FT-8X7 Bluetooth CAT interface for FT-8X7. Speed 9600 and password 1234.
  3. Power plug ICOM, YAESU, KENWOOD
    6.82 €Power plug ICOM, YAESU, KENWOODKenwood 130, 140, 430, 440, 450, 690, 830, 540, 850, 570, 930 YAESU 857,
  4. USB CAT cable for YAESU FT-8X7
    12.79 €USB CAT cable for YAESU FT-8X7USB CAT cable FT-817, FT-818,FT-857, FT-897. Compatible with WIN XP,...
  5. Portable SOTA GMA deník
    4.26 €Portable SOTA GMA deníkPocket sized logbook, great for portable or SOTA, GMA operation. A6 format...
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