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  1. Trapped EFHW Antenna 40/30/20m QRP
    29.84 €Trapped EFHW Antenna 40/30/20m QRPReady to use triband trapped endfeed half wave antenna. Ideal for portable or...
  2. Ultra light 2 el. yagi 145 MHz KIT
    9.38 €Ultra light 2 el. yagi 145 MHz KITLight 2el. yagi. Completely detachable and all parts fit into the boom. Kit...
  3.  SOTA dualband 40/20m antenna KIT
    9.38 € SOTA dualband 40/20m antenna KITTrapped dulaband dipole for 40 and 20m. Great for SOTA operation. Max. 20
  4. Element holder for portable yagi KIT
    2.56 €Element holder for portable yagi KIT 
  5. Portable YAGI antenna components KIT
    12.79 €Portable YAGI antenna components KIT Basic KIT for 3 el. yagi. Contains: 1x elem
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